Emerald Publishers welcomes proposals in English/Tamil language for academic purposes. You may submit your proposals for books on language, literature, LSRW text and reference books for undergraduate and postgraduate syllabi. You may also submit your works pertaining to research /academic research in any major field.

  • Ideally your proposal should contain a detailed synopsis and chapter outline with three sample chapters.
  • Sometimes, you may be asked to send in the entire manuscript. The manuscript is then evaluated by a team of editors for its language, literary merits, readability, style, competition, marketability and sales potential.
  • Kindly note that asking for a detailed manuscript does not in any way mean that it has been or will be accepted for publishing.
  • Terms pertaining to royalties, print run, will be taken only on final acceptance of a book for publication.
  • We value your submission. Your proposal will be given the same attention by our experienced editorial team.
  • Please do not resend a proposal that has been rejected once.
  • Proposal can also be considered under the vanity publishing program, to create a book for a very specific niche market. Support will be provided in editing, marketing and distribution.
  • Email your proposal at: [email protected]


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