If you are a publisher looking to have your titles published abroad, or a writer looking for the support to sell translation rights in a foreign book market, or an aspiring writer looking for the right know-how, you are at the right place.

Emerald offers to manage foreign rights for authors and publishers. We can sell rights worldwide. In some countries, we work with co-agents. We have access to a reliable network of experts from publishing industry, which enables to ensure maximum long term performance.

A right book and a right deal can prove resourceful in terms of revenue for an author/publisher.

If you consider that

  • Your work is relevant to foreign publishers and agents
  • Your work has somewhat universal subject matter
  • Your work can be translated
  • Your work falls into the popular categories of stories reflecting the people, livelihood, culture, tradition, works on business, self-help, parenting, and personal empowerment (these are only suggestive)

Emerald Publishers sends representative to attend the Frankfurt book fair and the London Book Fair every year.

We can provide publishers and authors with full service as a rights department. If you are a published author, we will help you reach local and international publishers and negotiate with them on your behalf, helping you find the best conditions.

If you wish to be represented, please send us a short synopsis of your work(s), together with a biography (complete with a list of your works, published and unpublished)and a cover image.


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